MUEFC 2010 Boys March success

MUEFC 2010 Boys March success

The boys then moved on to the Bazooka cup the following weekend where they beat Weston...

Bazooka Cup (Photo on the Right)
The boys then moved on to the Bazooka cup the following weekend where they beat Weston blue (with some Weston black guest players) 8-4, then they beat Breakers blue 8-0. They then lifted their second trophy for the month by beating Weston blue in the finals 5-3. 
They closed out March madness by competeing in South Florida Cup U8/9. The boys didn't medal in this tournament, but they showed how they have grown as a unit where they beat Doral West 6-1 and lost a hard fought game against a true Division 1 U9 team in Ives Estate Thunder Premier. The boys were down 3-0 and stormed back against a very physical team to make it 3-2. Too much energy was spent fighting back and they lost the game 4-2. They however advanced to the semi finals where they played the same Ives team. Ives were determined to play their best and beat the boys 5-0. While they didn't medal, the growth which they showed competeing against a true U9 team in their third tournament of the month was a victory in the eyes of the coaches and the parents.  We salute you MUEFC 2010 boys and coaches Steffon Scott and Jason Jones.Mission accomplished. Get ready April we are coming for you!!!!

Miramar Showcase (Photo on the Left)

MUEFC 2010 boys were in full swing AGAIN. During March madness we started of by defending home turf in the Miramar United Showcase. On Saturday the boys beat PSG 5-0, then they beat Miami Krew 8-0. On Sunday they woke up early to beat a plucky Miami Strike Force 7-2. In the finals the boys lifted the Championship trophy by defeating Corals Springs 4-2. 




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