Guest Player & Roster Information

2019 Miramar Soccer Cup & Showcase

The maximum number of guest players allowed is five (5) for all age groups , whether those guest players are from within that team’s club or from outside that team’s club. To determine whether a player is on the roster of the team they are playing for, look at the official pre-printed roster. If a player is listed either as primary or secondary in the status column, they are considered rostered to that team for our purposes. If not, they are considered a guest player.
Guest players from outside your own club must have a Guest Player Form, completed and signed by the Registrar from the guest player’s club. Please, also hand write their details at the bottom of your official roster if they are not listed on the roster as a guest.
Interested in being a Guest Player for the Miramar Soccer Cup & Showcase?  Register here to be added to the Guest Player pool (GotSoccer). 
Acceptable Rosters are:
  • Official FYSA State Generated Rosters
  • Official US Youth Soccer Rosters
  • US Club Soccer Rosters 
  • National Governing Bodies – eg. AYSO, USSSA Rosters
  • Please note that rosters used during your league games (i.e. FLUGSA, SFU, etc.) will not be accepted
Registration requirements:
  • 5 Rosters
  • Laminated Players passes in alphabetical order
  • Medical Release in alphabetical order
  • Permission to Travel Forms, if required 
  • Passports in alphabetical order, if required
Game Day Check Check-In the assigned field. Roster and player passes must be checked by the referees. Referee feesmust be paid prior to the start of each game played.


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